Centrifugal Cast Cylinder Liners – MADE IN GERMANY

The „Harzer Werke Motorentechnik GmbH“ is specialized on the production of high-strength cylinder liners and engine components made of cast iron with lamellar graphite. By manufacturing in centrifugal cast process, it is possible to produce extremely pressure-tight and wear-resistant cylinder liners for all conventional four-stroke-engines, regarding customer specifications and various applications.

Decade-long experience on this area of expertise ensures a consistent high quality of our products, which are characterized by optimum results in engine operation.

The fabrication of the raw material in our own centrifugal cast iron foundry, as well as the accurate finishing operation at our company are of a major advantage here, for it enables us to centralize the entire process of quality assurance. The flexibility regarding customer requirements is also increased by this.

Based on the processing of material components , their investigation and
employment, as well as on our know-how in the area of surface treatment for optimization of wear and stress resistance , we can also provide assistance on individual troubleshooting.

All these are facts that mirror in the contentment of our international customers.


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